Making a Back To The Future Day agenda function for org-mode

M-x emacs-life RET

As part of another project of mine, maintaining a weird and customizable Bible reading plan, I wanted to have a list of my Bible readings come up every day. To figure out how to do this, I started by looking at another custom agenda function which some people use: Google Weather for Emacs. This handy little thing consists of google-weather.el, the backend to connect to Google’s API for this, and org-google-weather.el, which is the function we use in the agenda. Then you add it to the agenda by dropping it in an agenda file like this:

* Weather%%(org-google-weather "New York")

org-google-weather is the function that is called, which outputs an org-format string which will be displayed for each day in the agenda. The arguments to the function are whatever you need them to be; in this case, of course, org-google-weather needs to know where you are…

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Author: Matthew Freeman

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