Wake, Woke, Awake, Awoken

I never get any of these right. I would blame my Southern heritage but the author of the post is from the South as well. I must be a redneck. 🙂

The Daily Post

A reader responded to my post about irregular verbs last week to express confusion about when to use “awake” and when to use “wake” (and their various past-tense forms). Well, she’s not alone. I’ve done some dictionary diving and was daunted by the prospect of explaining it all, as to give a proper explanation, you have to go into word origins, transitive and intransitive verb distinctions, and probably other things, none of which I quite had the heart to write about at length today.

Even Garner, whom I cite near-weekly, acknowledges that these verbs are tricky, especially the past-tense forms.

Luckily, Maeve Maddox, of the Daily Writing Tips blog, has done a bunch of legwork to lay out the details.

In a nutshell, it’s generally ok to use wake or awake as both transitive verbs (a verb that is performed upon an object or, in this case, creature) and…

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