French Press Technique:

I almost exclusively use my French Press when making coffee. Many (many!) people don’t like using a press because of the sludge, the muddy mouth “feel”, and the over-extracted bitterness. The major cause of this are the fine grinds that are allowed to pass through the mesh on your press. They will continue to steep in the coffee, and end up making your otherwise wonderful coffee to taste nasty. You can eliminate this by skimming the top of the coffee grains off right before you plunge the press – it makes a huge difference in your coffee. 🙂

See the video below for how to skim the coffee:

2 thoughts on “Coffee”

  1. After learning how to make good French press coffee, it's hard to drink drip coffee. There is a richness to a good cup of French press, that I don't find in drip coffee.

  2. Thanks for the tip on skimming the coffee. I do like a French press cup, but as you said, don’t particularly enjoy the muddy mouth feeling. Now I’m excited to try it, skimming the top before I press!

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