I love good music. Heaven knows, I listen to plenty of Chopin, Pearl Jam, and Coltrane. But, I have a weird part of my brain that makes me like really bad music. Like Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, and other unmentionables. Instead of hiding this addiction, I’ve created a new Rdio playlist. Feel free to subscribe or to admonish me in the comments. :)


New Train Album

I found the new Train album, California 37, on Rdio this morning.

This is my favorite track (so far):



I’ve been needing some basic woodworking introduction help for some time. (Things like sharpening my saws, what planes are appropriate for what jobs, etc.) I was reminded by tjic¬†that he runs (among other things), smartflix.com¬†- a how-to DVD rental store. In about 45 seconds, I found three woodworking DVDs I wanted and snagged them. (Actually, I want all of them, I just chose three to start with.) I’m excited for them to ship.

Trailer: The Hobbit

I can hardly wait for this!

Awesome sign


Airline reading material


The Hobbit: Peter Jackson's First Video Blog from the Set